Blog Now Closed

Thank You for joining me on my adventures over the past few years, but it's time to close it down.
Tracey =^..^=

About Me

Hi!  Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit.

My name is Tracey and my partners name is Glenn. 

I come from a family of Camping People.  For as long as I can remember, we'd go camping during school holidays mostly or on weekends sometimes, but we've always done it.  By the time I left high school, we'd done a lap of Australia, been to Cape York, visited the 4 points N.S.E. & W., seen more of our wonderful country than I thought was possible ... especially Queensland (my home state), but we hadn't seen it all.  Yes ... camping is in my blood now and I couldn't think of a life without the discovery of places new and fascinating.

I got my first camera for my 11th birthday and drove my parents crazy with it ... broke as well ... someone has to pay for developing the film.  At 18, I bought my first SLR and a lens or two, and discovered that I loved photography.  Especially easy when you have such beautiful landscapes to capture such as those I'd grown to love here in Australia.  In 1998, Santa got me my first digital camera, a little point and shoot, and I was completely in love with digital from there.  I upgraded a few years later to a Canon 350D due to my frustration with the P&S's lack of everything I'd grown used to with an SLR.  I now have a 7D as well and am very passionate about my "hobby".  My friends liken me to a certain type of camera totting tourist, but that's just fine by me.  I did a wedding for a friend back in 2006 or so and was very nervous ... I didn't want to give her bad photos ... but surprised myself and pleased her with 1100 photos for the day!  Would love to make a career from my photo's one day (isn't everybody?).

Glenn & I decided to purchase (between us) an Aussie Swag Camper Trailer to indulge our (mine really I think) love of camping.  I'd been looking at small soft floor campers for awhile and was getting serious about a purchase.  Before you knew it, Glenn was keen on the idea too.  It took us a while to decide on exactly what we wanted, but an excel spreadsheet made up our mind as to what was the better choice for us.  We placed our order and 5 months later our new baby "Rover" was delivered.  Aussie Swag Rover LX ... the base model.

We requested a few options for Rover:  an extra battery (brings the total to 2), mudflaps for the front, a BBQ plate for the stove, a fridge slide, DO35 hitch ... all of which make our stays just that little bit more comfortable.  Later on, we purchased Annex Option 1 ... a couple of walls, draught flap and kitchen infill ... excellent when the weather turns bad.

We haven't looked back.  One of the best things ever purchased in my opinion.
We live in the South East Queensland region of Australia, so I am trying to camp in places that are, at most, 3 hours from our state capital, Brisbane. Places you can visit on a quick weekend trip, over a long weekend period, or even take a week or fortnight to explore. On occassion, we may venture much further afield (here's hoping) and show some other destinations we've managed to locate.  Have also decided that if we ever do any 4wd'ing, that I'll add those trips to the blog as well.  Can't hurt to get some offroad adventure with your camping experience as well, right?

As you will find, we don't do caravan parks.  Why?  We just don't like them as a camping destination really.  Little sites, 1000 other people (slight exaggeration I know) all competing for the hot showers, kids and animals roaming wild, the misfortune of getting a site near a F1-11 snorer ... you get where I'm coming from?  It's not that we dislike camping with others, not at all, just we'd prefer some peace and tranquility after the hectic weekly life in suburbia ... to get away from it all for a short time.  Get back to nature and have nature steal our supplies, wander through whilst we are having dinner, land on our chairs, lick our BBQ plate and sing it's song to wake us ... 

So go back and enjoy my blog.  Don't forget to send me an email if you have any questions or comments.  Would love to hear of your favourite places to camp.

Tracey   =^..^=