Blog Now Closed

Thank You for joining me on my adventures over the past few years, but it's time to close it down.
Tracey =^..^=

Around The House

We've been hard at it this weekend.  Well sort of ... only took a few hours and we were done.  I'd always wanted to remove the garden from against the front brick wall of the house due to the risk of termites entering, so we've taken it out and replaced it with "Sunrise" stones.  Only cost me $25 and a bit of time.  I've also got some plants to re-locate around the yard.  Put a few in hanging pots (the ferns) and a couple back in pots on blocks on the stones.  Moved the trailer so it's in a more covered area and it's given us heaps of room in the carport for the CT.

What do you think?
LHS - trailer fits in nicely and is now handy for timber storage ...
RHS - box trailer used to be at this end where the bin is ...