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Bush Camping ...

Bush Camping ...

I've created this blog mainly to let family and friends know where we have been "Bush Camping" of late as well as a permanent record for us. Sort of an online Scrapbook I guess.

We live in the South East Queensland region of Australia, so I am trying to camp in places that are, at most, 3 hours from Brisbane. Places you can visit on a quick weekend trip, over a long weekend period, or take a week or fortnight to explore. On occassion, we may venture much further afield (here's hoping) and show some other destinations we've managed to locate.

I've tried, where possible, to add links to important things. Such as websites for the places, towns, national parks, state forests, or places of interest. Please click those to take you away from my site, to theirs ... but don't forget to come back! I've added these so that you may get up to date information about these places.

If there is something that I haven't covered or that you can't locate information on ... Contact Me has been set up for you to send me an email. It's for comments or questions you may have about anything to do with the blog itself, my photo's, our camper trailer, or the destinations. Please don't hesitate to provide information on other places we can go, as we are always happy to visit another location.

You can also learn more about me and our camper trailer by visiting the Other Pages links.

Please Enjoy.
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29.01.11 River Bend Country Bush Camping

We decided to go somewhere closer to home this time.  The weather forcast is for showers and Glenn is a bit irritated by that ... being that we have the whole 80% rain guarantee thing to shake off ... and as we set out the day is decidedly gloomy, and the "chance" of rain looks more and more certain.

Roughly 1 hour by road and 80 kilometres from home, River Bend Country Bush Camping is directly opposite James McD Sharp Park (named for the Beaudesert Shire Council chairman from 1936 - 1961 ... quite a stint, so I guess he must have liked the job) on Coomera Creek.  This is the closest camp to home so far.

22.01.11 Waterfall Creek Reserve

Yes, it's been awhile since we've been out.  Four whole weeks! 

Due to the flooding in the Great South East (and pretty much everywhere in Qld) it's been hard to get anywhere we like to go.   My heart felt heavy when I heard about the "Inland Tsunami" that went through Toowoomba, Murphys Creek (Escape especially ... another good camping spot), Grantham, Gatton ... just to mention the more (now) famous towns.  I feel so badly for those caught in that weather event.  They never knew it was coming and it's a complete tragedy for those little towns.  However, we intend to support them, by visiting Glenn Rock as often as we can and buying our goods in town (Gatton).  If you can belive it ... they had 6 metres going over those 16 creek crossings.