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Bush Camping ...

Bush Camping ...

I've created this blog mainly to let family and friends know where we have been "Bush Camping" of late as well as a permanent record for us. Sort of an online Scrapbook I guess.

We live in the South East Queensland region of Australia, so I am trying to camp in places that are, at most, 3 hours from Brisbane. Places you can visit on a quick weekend trip, over a long weekend period, or take a week or fortnight to explore. On occassion, we may venture much further afield (here's hoping) and show some other destinations we've managed to locate.

I've tried, where possible, to add links to important things. Such as websites for the places, towns, national parks, state forests, or places of interest. Please click those to take you away from my site, to theirs ... but don't forget to come back! I've added these so that you may get up to date information about these places.

If there is something that I haven't covered or that you can't locate information on ... Contact Me has been set up for you to send me an email. It's for comments or questions you may have about anything to do with the blog itself, my photo's, our camper trailer, or the destinations. Please don't hesitate to provide information on other places we can go, as we are always happy to visit another location.

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Please Enjoy.
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30.12.11 Waterfall Creek Reserve ... Puppies Long Weekend Out

It seems that Glenn has already made up his mind about where we are going for this New Years weekend. That’s a good thing as it saves me having to run off the list of potenial places. And we are taking the pups with us as well, so Glenn has organised things so they can go in the cab of his ute and I know Jack will appreciate the air conditioning being that he’s 13 now.
We aren’t in a hurry to leave today and make sure we pack everything securely which means we head out about 0900. We head south to Beaudesert, then onto Rathdowney which certainly has its fair share of places to stay close by. Once through Rathdowney
, we take a right and head back towards Boonah.
Once we reach the township of Maroon, we take a left onto Newman Road and follow this for a few kilometres, till we turn left onto Waterfall Creek Road.
It’s only another kilometre or so to the campground. The trip takes us about 1.5 hours, as we need to slow down for sharp bends and on coming traffic through the one lane road sections.
On arrival, we notice that campsites 1 & 3 are already taken … leaving us the choice of 2 or 4. We decide to take # 4 as it’s closer to the creek and further away from the day visitor parking area. We are hoping that no-one else has booked the site, as I didn’t have the booking phone number on me, and once onsite, find that I don’t have any Telstra (rural ready) reception. You can contact the Beaudesert Shire Council who are responsible for this camping reserve to make bookings before you come out. 
We set up our campsite by 1200 and then sit back and relax for a little while before checking out the creek in front of our site. We noticed on the way in to the reserve that we didn’t cross any water like last year, and are disappointed to find that although the creek is flowing, the water in places is ankle deep with shin deep being the deepest of all. In some places it disappears underground. Makes us wonder if the waterfall is actually falling or not, but we’ve heaps of time to check that out later. My youngest pup Telashi gets into the water straight away and really enjoys herself. Jack finds the rocky surface a little difficult and Kiah wonders where the ducks are.

Once back at camp, it’s time for lunch, so we make a quick sandwich and get back to practising how to relax. Taking in the other campsites on our return, we start to discuss how large these sites really are. #1 has 4 tents onsite, 2 ensuites and a population of about 10 including 2 dogs. They’ve set up a large tarp for shade in the centre. #3 has 2 caravans & 2 tents, we can hear a dog, but aren’t sure on just how many populate this site (guessing about 10) and they’ve set up a huge luxury toilet block. #2 has been populated with one bloke and a single tent since we set up.

It’s been a sunny day so far, but once set up it becomes overcast and rather windy … which it remains until the day we pack up to head home (of course) which is sunny, warm with a more than gentle breeze.

Quite a few vehicles are driving up to the lookout on the Upper Portals and many more are stopping due to the 4WD Only sign just over the next creek crossing. Just as happened last time, lots of people stop to check the status of the waterfall before heading off again. Glad the wind is blowing the dust from the road over to the other camps. This camping reserve has 2 camps on either side of the dirt road ... 2 beside the creek and 2 against the bottom of Mount May. All sites have a very large BBQ ring made from concrete, but that’s the extent of the facilities. If you do come out this way, you’ll need a toilet and shower as well as bringing your own water. I personally wouldn’t use the creek water as far too many people swim in the pool below the waterfall which is above the camping reserve. You can bring the dog, but it must be on a lead at all times. Please be aware of the requirement to take your rubbish with you … as some campers seem to think the council will remove it which is not the case. We were disappointed to find such slack campers had been here before us. Disgraceful in this day and age.

We get out the OzPig and I start chopping vegies and marinating the meat for our stir fry dinner. As the wind keeps changing direction, it’s a mission to decide on where it should be placed. Our Aussie Swag already smells like a campfire, but Glenn is trying to alleviate smoke going straight to it. Certainly don’t want to damage Rover at all.
We popped out the solar panel after we had finished setting up and with all the clouds it hasn’t really done as much as we’d thought. 9.6AH which I suppose it okay for a very overcast ½ day, but certainly not the best input we could use running the fridge etc, but better than nothing at all I reckon.

Dinner is Chinese inspired beef with stir fried vegies and some 2 minute noodles thrown in the mix. Camp Ovens are fantastic for keeping things warm whilst you wait for other things to cook. Very nice if we could keep it warm once it hits the bowls.

I’m sure this is Summer but at 1900 it’s only 22◦C but the wind makes it feel much colder, so we wait for water to boil for our showers so that we can put on warm clothes. Early to bed I think. Did I mention that the wind is coming from a different direction every few minutes? Whilst we wait, I think I hear some thunder so now we are hoping we don’t have the wind and some rain. Glenn thinks some torrential rain would be nice though that wind has to go. We are heating the water on our Aussie Swag’s stove as the wind is making things difficult on the OzPig … we don’t want to start a bushfire … so we have extra pots huddled around the kettle and I’m watching the flame stays alight. All the puppies are tuckered out from an exciting day of sniffing grass and other wonderful smells and quickly quieten down for the night.

More campers arrive through the night.

We are awoken early by the sounds of children enjoying themselves. I’m not sure why they must be so loud so early, but loud they are. At least the wind has died down overnight I guess.

As we start on breakfast, we notice that our 4 camps have increased to 7. So we’ve deemed them 2B and 3B even though 3B is using some of the day use area, and the last camp is down on the creek overflow near the crossing. If we have any rain, they might get worried, but none so far.

The solar panel goes out at 0745, so we’ll see what we can get from it today. I’ll also mention that today is also overcast.

Puppies fed and watered, coffee’s drunk, dishes done, so now there is nothing to do but laze the day away. We’ll have to do something constructive so that our backsides don’t develop sores from sitting too much. Glenn starts the day by reclining on his camp chair with eyes closed. He’s a professional at it and I can tell that he’s getting much better at the whole relaxing thing. He says he’s listening to all the different birds. So I start to name them much to his annoyance. Noisy Minors, Magpies, Coucal Pheasant, Kookaburra’s, King Parrots, Crows, Rainbow Lorikeets, Whip Birds, Bell Minor … and those are the ones I can identify by sound.
I decide that summer will hit with a vengeance once it realises that it should be here. It’s getting gloomier and looks like rain. The wind has also picked up. Definitely jumper weather. As the day progresses, it gets windier and we get short annoying sprinkles of rain, so that we have to put up tarps at either end of the camp as the wind is driving the rain under the awning.

0900 news has no weather report to speak of. Neither has the 1000 news. Excellent job FM104 (please note sarcasm).

We wander the puppies up the waterfall to see if it’s falling. Yes it is, but with such reluctance this time. The swimming hole is full though and the water is cool, but not cold … well as far in as my knees that is. Telashi my young pup thinks it’s a great opportunity to get wet. She just loves that water so much. I let her off the lead so that she can enjoy it without drowning as there is no-one else in the area.

Blue sky keeps popping its head out, but quickly turns to cloud once more. Wonder what we’ll get for a full day on the solar panel. Just have to wait and see I reckon.

Lots of green ants here and the pups all get bitten, as do I. They are wandering back and forth cleaning up whatever has fallen onto the camp floor (grass and dirt) and doing a wonderful job of it. Poor pups … I can’t do anything about the stinging they are getting on occasion as it’s hard to say if it’s their feet or their mouths coping the sting.

I watch the King Parrots come back toward the creek. Yesterday it was one boy and one girl, but today the girl numbers are increasing. It’s wonderful to hear their calls and to watch them flutter about. Wonder if some of the girls are actually babies.
After lunch, our eyes keep drooping, so we decide that we can’t leave the dogs and chains to their own devices as we probably won’t have an awning if we do, so we all head inside for a lay down.

Surprisingly, 2 hours later, we come back out to enjoy what’s left of the afternoon and prepare for the last evening of 2011. I wonder what our fellow campers will do as the night wears down? Will there be partying till the wee hours? Fireworks? Cries of Happy New Year before all goes suddenly quiet?

We heat up the OzPig again for some dinner. Some lovely Snapper fillets for dinner tonight. I’m wrapping it in alfoil with some garlic, ginger, onion powder and Sweet Thai seasoning. This will be served with mashed potato, cauliflower, beans and carrots. Even going to have dessert, Lemonade Scone … yes just one cut into slices once cooked, spread with butter (for Glenn) and honey (for me). Fabulous camp cooking! Glenn enjoys his dinner and is happy with dessert as well. I’ve been trying to cook one of these extremely fluffy scones for ages now, but he keeps telling me maybe next time.

We walk the puppies down to the first crossing (as you drive in) for an airing and on the way back, I find some friendly horses to pat. Love the smell of horses. It’s earthy. We do a night time creek walk and find lots of very small redclaw in the water. They are easy to catch by hand so the claws don’t get you, but be careful as they may bite you with their actual mouth … trust me I know … and it still hurts.
 Flying Spider # 1
 Flying Spider # 2
Back at camp, we sit and wait for midnight, but it’s cold, it’s windy and it’s a long way off. Our neighbours are playing some acceptable music at a reasonable level which is considerate of them … even if they do let their kids loose at some ungodly hour of the morning. Fed up with all the waiting for the New Year we head to bed around 2200 and are blissfully asleep while it comes and then goes. Across the road starts up with what I call ‘Death Music’ … it’s loud and doesn’t seem to have lyrics of any sort just lots of yelling and lots of drums, just as we head to bed. I set the alarm on my watch for 1 minute to midnight but it fails to wake us … I’ve never set the alarm on said watch before, and now the darn thing is beeping on the hour which is most annoying since it’s never done that before either.

Happy New Year … bit late I know. All other campsites are up at the crack of dawn and doing things noisily. Don’t know how when they went to bed a lot later than we did. Guess some people don’t need as much sleep. I reckon it was the car revving that woke me and it’s still running even after I’ve made coffee. Maybe it was birds that have been cackling and chirruping since day break that got me out of bed? Or those noisy kids?

Today is a complete contrast from the few days before. Sun everywhere and blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds and it’s warm. Panel is out once more and I think we’ll have the best input today even though it won’t be out there for long.
I start up our fire to make breakfast. Glenn is once more having left overs and I’ll be having bacon and eggs. I get the camp oven nice and hot and put in the left over fish for Glenn into one our stainless steel pots. Bacon and eggs go into the camp oven … I’m using it as a frying pan today with a lovely warm lid to keep the heat in. One slice of bacon and 2 eggs fit nicely.

After breakfast, we head back to the creek to let the puppies play in the water. Telashi made me laugh when she sticks her head in the water and blows bubbles out her nose. Never seen a dog do that before. My last Cattle dog did put his head completely into the water, but held his breath whilst doing so.
We head back to camp after awhile and get back into some serious relaxing before the inevitable pack up is required. Still quite a few cars coming and going. Some heading up to the falls, and some heading the 5.5k’s up the 4wd Only track to the lookout. The view up there is fantastic. I did suggest it, but we’d had to leave the dogs at camp as it’s National Park up there and they aren’t allowed.
Whilst at the creek our closest neighbours have packed up camp and are leaving. So we start our very slow packing ritual, between visiting the creek and relaxing and by about 1300 we are ready to pack the camper up and depart.

The day is still perfect, except for the leaving bit, but we take our time heading home the way we came. Once home and unpacked, there is still time to do some chores around the house.

I reckon we will have to rethink the ‘80% chance of rain’ we used to have going camping to general ‘80% chance of shitty weather’. I guess at least we were out there and enjoying what we have … gotta be the whole reason to do it.

Trip Kilometers: 231
Trip Duration: 72 hours

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