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Bush Camping ...

Bush Camping ...

I've created this blog mainly to let family and friends know where we have been "Bush Camping" of late as well as a permanent record for us. Sort of an online Scrapbook I guess.

We live in the South East Queensland region of Australia, so I am trying to camp in places that are, at most, 3 hours from Brisbane. Places you can visit on a quick weekend trip, over a long weekend period, or take a week or fortnight to explore. On occassion, we may venture much further afield (here's hoping) and show some other destinations we've managed to locate.

I've tried, where possible, to add links to important things. Such as websites for the places, towns, national parks, state forests, or places of interest. Please click those to take you away from my site, to theirs ... but don't forget to come back! I've added these so that you may get up to date information about these places.

If there is something that I haven't covered or that you can't locate information on ... Contact Me has been set up for you to send me an email. It's for comments or questions you may have about anything to do with the blog itself, my photo's, our camper trailer, or the destinations. Please don't hesitate to provide information on other places we can go, as we are always happy to visit another location.

You can also learn more about me and our camper trailer by visiting the Other Pages links.

Please Enjoy.
Tracey =^..^=

12.03.11 Mt French then Flanagans Reserve

So we thought we'd check out Moogerah Peaks NP as a campsite.  Go south from Boonah and turn right here ...
 and keep following the signs.  It's okay if you have a tent.  Shitty if you have a camper trailer.  The 2 areas are right on either side of the road in and out (it's a ring road and you are at the start of it).  So we decided to pass on this one.  Would be okay if you had a view of some sort (which you don't).  The road in told us many stories ... all of them hoons on bikes.  And the notice board said stuff had been stolen from cars here on a "regular basis".  Fantastic picnic facilites though.

Anyway we did the 2 walks of under 1 kilometre each and they were nice.  The one to Logan Lookout was the shortest and had the best view.  That's Kalbar on the right hand side of this photo.
Once we had enjoyed this park for as long as we could ... we decided to head to Flanagans Reserve.  It has the creek and is a large area with lots of wildlife.  It also had heaps of people and their dogs and kids camping this weekend.  Even the managers were impressed with the turnout. 

We decided to camp in the "top" section as the "lower" section was caravan city!
So once set up we headed for the the Logan River which happens to flow conveniently passed.  I'm the only one of us that actually swims in the water and it was delightfully cool.  The water was up a bit since our last visit too.  Most likely due to our interesting weather of late.
Warning:  Wet thongs and rocks = Cankles.  Be Aware!  You will lose your dignity and possibly damage your ankle or thongs.

There is some rumbling in the distance and I recommend that The Kid chuck the tarp over his camp.  I've been in a thunder and lightning storm in a tent before and I know that it's uncomfortable.  Always better to be safe than sorry I reckon.  We do get a sprinkle, but nothing major.

Glenn settles in and then proclaims he should have bought his dog.  I know mine had a look of disgust (or was that pleading brown puppy dog eyes) when I left without them telling them they had to stay home.  They now know what they are missing out on, and yes, they would have loved it here.  Except maybe for sleeping in all the meat ants as Glenn won't let them in the camper.

So we set up the obligatory stones around the fire and proceded to cook some lovely T-Bones for dinner with yummy vegies.
During the night, whilst sitting in front of our fire, we start to spot food thieving possums.  Means we'll have to lock down anything that might resemble food before we hit the sack.  I'm sitting in my chair in front of the fire when this one, bold as brass, heads right past the draw bar, behicnd the Oz Pig and up this tree.  It's checking out the shower tent currently.  Hope it's not after a shower, we only just got things ready!!
As the night clears and the lights around the place fade, the stars come out in full force.  We see satelites and planes wandering the universe.  The over abundance of trees means that no star photo's tonight.  Can't wait to get to those outback plains for an uninterrupted view of the sky.  *Sigh*  As I get ready for bed, I catch a possum licking my BBQ plate.  Little bugger!

Next days see's clear blue skies and a perfect cooling breeze.  We are seeing many lizards around the reserve ... Martens Lizards and Bearded Dragons.  Here's one I got Glenn to wrangle ...  we love these guys at home.  They really are so cute.
For breaky we had the usual bacon and eggs.  I like mine on toast with tomato sauce. 

Got into the Ladies before the rush started ... seems they all followed me there.  Take your own loo paper.  They have 1 ply which is not the issue ... getting it out of the holder is a whole other story.

We start packing up and are done by lunchtime.  I suggest another solo swim in the creek and by the time we go to head off it's after 1pm.  As soon as we leave the premises it starts to rain, so the early pack up was a good idea.  I get a great shot of Mount Maroon out of the car window as we head off up the road.  It's been our view for the weekend.  Flanagans is over the hill in the foreground.
We drive through rain on and off till we get home.

Trip Kilometres: 260
Trip Duration: 48 hours

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Another great report Tracey, I love reading about your getaways. This is one place we want to get to. I see the boy has been coming with you guys lately is he enjoying it now.

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